10" x 16" Aluminum Car Dollys - Set of 4

10" by 16" Aluminum Car-Dolly large
10" by 16" Aluminum Car-Dolly side viewUpgrade Casters with BrakeStandard Casters no brake

10" wide by 16" long

Extruded aluminum tire plate

Option of 3" diameter casters or 3.5" diameter casters


Product Description

The 10x16 car dollys are manufactured from 5/16ths extruded aluminum. They are our most popular car dollies and will be suitable for most makes and models or cars and trucks. We offer two casters options for these dollies, Standard and Upgrade. Both caster options are have ball bearing swivels and axle bearings. They are polycarbonate and are non marking.

Standard Casters

Standard Casters have a three inch diameter wheel and have ball bearing swivel and  axle bearings. This caster option does not have the brake and is for  vehicles that weigh under 4500 lbs.                   Each dolly will hold 1125 lbs.

Upgrade Casters 

Upgrade Casters have three and one half inch diameter wheel and have a ball bearing swivel and needle axle bearings. Each car dolly is equipped with one wheel brake to ensure the safety of your automobile. Each caster had a grease zert to allow the user to maintain lubrication. This is the best caster option for your car or truck and is recommended by the Car-Dolly family. This caster option is for vehicles that weigh under 6000 lbs.                                      Each dolly will hold 1500 lbs.

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